Job Opportunities

The following job opportunities are available

Schedule: 5 days a week, 2 days work evening schedule

Salary: Will be discussed at the interview

Responsibilities: The Faith Organizer reports to the CEO is responsible for the implementation of the goals and objectives for faith organizing for The 5 year Expansion Program including strategy development, engagement of faith communities in Miami Dade, and relationship-building with priority faith communities and thought-leaders.

The following duties and responsibilities of the Faith Organizer are outlined below. Additional duties may be assigned.

  • Manage communication and organization of The 5 year Expansion Program more than 10,000 people of faith connected to the organization as a members and volunteers.
  • Foster and develop ties with Faith Leaders and congregations
  • Educate individuals and congregations about reentry services
  • Identify stories and testimony of Residents and Alumni
  • Generate media stories from a faith perspective
  • Identify regionally diverse faith leaders for public speaking engagements and to respond to media requests in support of Residents and Alumni
  • Plan and hold-focused worship service, rally and press conference
  • Help identify/create educational materials that are denominationally and culturally appropriate, with Resident and Alumni
  • Develop and support faith actions teams, with support and cooperation from other staff and organizational partners
  • Conducting one to one visits with community members and influential, external leaders on a consistent and regular basis.
  • Conducting outreach, research, and strategic planning to move communities to social action
  • Participating in fundraising, administrative, and coalition activities as required
  • Develop new employer resources for Resident and Alumni
  • Prepare bi-monthly reports relating to Resident and Alumni activity.
  • Provide a record of all alumni transactions. Ensure that accurate employment information is available at all times, meeting legal and educational association requirements. Additionally, report updates and detail of alumni career lifestyle in order to benefit other alumni, current students, incoming prospective students and the school in general.
  • Develop an effective Resident and Alumni Association a positive image and promote participation and good-will.
  • Organize and implement annual graduation ceremony, quarterly portfolio show and other events in order to promote continued contact with graduates.
  • Be actively involved with professional organizations.
  • Direct customer calls, emails, faxes and in-person inquiries to appropriate career services team member.
  • Work with Advisors in planning and presenting quarterly Graduate Exit Meetings.

Volunteer Program:

  • Develop, promote, and maintain a wide range of volunteer opportunities within the Organization
  • Recommend the most efficient use of volunteers, appropriate volunteer/supervisory mix, and future workforce needs to support volunteer program operations
  • Conduct and/or arrange for volunteer orientation and training
  • Organize and participate in volunteer recognition programs and special events
  • Evaluate all aspects of volunteer programs to ensure effectiveness and to Recommend/implement changes as appropriate
  • Maintain accurate records and provide timely statistical and activity reports on volunteer Participation

Education/Experience: Bachelor’s degree (minimum) and specialized training or experience in related faith based and/or relational organizing field.

Bi-lingual in English and Spanish preferred.

Schedule: 5 days a week, variable shifts. Facility works 24/7
 Will be discussed at the interview

Responsibilities: The Resident Monitor will work with federal inmates in our program. Candidate will follow agency procedure, will conduct alcohol and drugs testing urinalysis and will be accountable for general monitoring of residents and facility.

Education/Experience: High School diploma required

Schedule: 5 days a week, 2 days work evening schedule
 Will be discussed at the interview

Responsibilities: Applicants will work directly with federal inmates within our program. Applicants will follow all agency procedures and policies. Applicant’s responsibilities will include but are not limited to provide intake and orientation to all clients as assigned. Quality individual and /or group counseling provided to meet resident needs, (individual treatment plan; responsive to resident requests etc.) coordinate and document comprehensive case management for each client assigned, according to specific individual needs, utilizing necessary community resources.

Education/Experience: A Bachelor’s Degree in behavioral, Social Science, Social Worker, Light Counselor and/or psychology. Demonstrated professional ability to evaluate behavior through written communication. Experience may be substituted for the degree on a year-to-year basis.

Bi-lingual in English and Spanish preferred.

Schedule: Variable shifts – Facility works 24/7

Salary: Will be discussed at the interview

Education and/or Experience:

Associate degree in Human Service preferred or a minimum of two years’ experience in related field.


· Reviews paperwork with the Manager of Supervision and ask appropriate questions in order to accomplish goals and objectives for the coming week.

· Conducts home site visits (per week) in organized manner, with timely documentation.

· Conducts work site visits (per week) in organized manner, with timely documentation.

· Submit in a timely manner mileage expensive report(s) to the Manager of Supervision or his/her designee.

· Responsible for accurate and complete reports and record done on a timely basis.

· Ensure Riverside House dress code is observed at all times.

· Serves as support agent to other program staff and to Social Service Coordinator. When requested, perform on site employment verification during the first seven calendars of a client acquiring a job. Might be requested to perform sponsor site visits. Implemented all phases of work release, including site verification, employer contract, computer entries, etc.

· Contribute to team management approach of residents through communication, cooperation, and assistance in other department areas (including staff coverage).

· Perform other duties as assigned by Manager of Supervision and Facility Director.

Bilingual (English and Spanish) Preferred

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